Please note that the Discreet Network is still in testnet, endpoints are subject to change.

Getting Started

Before using the Discreet cryptocurrency, you must first install the Discreet daemon and the wallet GUI. The installer can be found here.

This installer link is subject to change.

System Requirements

Please note that this is for the daemon, not for mining/staking.

Minimum Specifications

CPU (*)RAMStorageNetwork Connection
x64 1 core; 1 GHz2 GB60 GB1 Mbps

Optimal Specifications

CPU (*)RAMStorageNetwork Connection
x64 4 cores; 3 GHz8 GB250 GB> 10 Mbps

(*) Processors supporting AVX2 instruction sets (produced after Q1 2011) recommended for optimal speed and on-disk chain size.

Important: Please ensure that you are running Discreet on a 64-bit environment. RocksDB does not support x86 systems.